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Paul Keith Davis prophesies

On January 26th, 2006, the American prophet Paul Keith Davis conveyed the following prophecy over Aina Lanton (since December 18th, 2010 her name is Aina Lanton Torp) in a meeting in Dudley, England.

"There was a spiritual light, an anointing that was on you. I want to release it… Release her into the destiny for which she was born, Lord. This worshiping warrior that you’ve made her. That’s what you are, like David. David was a worshiping warrior. So Lord, I ask that you’d take her into that place. He is filling you up. It’s like I see a vase that’s being filled right now, with oil, fresh oil, and new oil. He’s going to have you do things that haven’t been done before, something fresh, something unprecedented.  But don’t be afraid, be bold! Be strong, be of good courage! He’s extracting from you the fear of man, so that you will be bold on His behalf to do this new thing and for His glory. You understand this better, what I’m talking about, than I do, so grant it Lord!

There is this whole creativity, something brand new on her. The Lord is releasing boldness on her. The fire of heaven is on her, literally it’s like she’s on fire, you can feel the heat, the heat of the Spirit."

Paul Keith Davis
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