Welcome to Torp´s World!

Aina & Jan-Aage

We serve a relational and covenant-based network through European Apostolic Leaders (EAL) and Restoration Oslochurch, and we live to fulfill a mandate to network and embolden wider circles of 5-fold men and women of God in the world today. We believe that the New Apostolic Reformation is more than just an organization, and that we need to bring apostolic leaders together in the activity of heaven! We believe that God´s work in the world will be channeled through old wineskins, tested through times and seasons, and that God will simutaneously birth new wineskins to facilitate expansion and His Kingdom reign today.

We practise relationships, edification, and strategizing. We are geared towards encouraging and equipping 5-fold ministers (Ephesians 4:11-16), so they can serve and lead the Body of Christ. We are covenant-based, not just a gathering or project. We should expect from each other the kind of love, support, cooperation and commitment that Jesus modeled. To connect with us, please send us a message using the contact form on this web page. We connect with individuals, churches, ministries and organizations.

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