Noteworthy/Prophetic Word from Terry Bennett

Prophetic Word from Terry Bennett

May 09, 1998

This prophetic word was delivered to Jan-Aage Torp in writing by prophet Terry Bennett of Kansas City on May 9th, 1998. The prophecy was given during the turbulent discussions between the leaders of the Kansas City prophetic movement, Mike Bickle, Paul Cain, Sam Storms & Co, and the Norwegian delegation of 6 leaders of the Lightbearers movement, led by the pastor of Oslo Vineyard at the time, Kjell Aasmundrud

Prophetic Word from Terry BennettProphet Terry BennettJan-Aage Torp was invited by Aasmundrud to accompany the group. 

Terry Bennett was recognized in 1998 as a prophet within the Kansas City prophetic movement,

This prophetic word, which was given in writing, has never been published before today, November 10th, 2015. Apostles and prophets have tested it, and have found it to be credible.

"The Lord showed me you as being like an anchor of a large ship that can hold the ship steady and secure in rough waters and in severe storms. I felt this ship represented part of His moving in Norway with the new age people, but not only that. I felt the Lord gave me Isaiah 32:1-4 and Isaiah 11:2. You will be a true leader that can and will be a refuge, shelter, stream and shade during these times. The promise is in verses 3-4 of chapter 32, that there will be supernatural power and help. Chapter 11 verse 2 speaks of the spirit of counsel and power. You will bring stability to the move of God in difficult times, even holding it together in times when everything seems to disintegrate. I believe you will have an anointing of power and wise Biblical counsel. You will have a special anointing in preaching and teaching which will make the things of the Spirit understandable, even to Christian leaders who are sceptical.

"I saw you taking coals off the altar (Isaiah 6) and throwing them into the midst of many different church leaders, setting many aflame.
"I also saw you as being a sweet fragrance and aroma for the saved (2Corinthians 2:14-17). One like a father who can teach, train and equip them in these times." 

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