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A 55 Year Old at the Pub

June 27, 2012

Yesterday, Aina hosted a reception for her husband, Jan-Aage.

A 55 Year Old at the PubMissionary Frank Fotland made us both laugh and cry (photo: Tor H. Lanton)At Den Gamle Banken Pub, 47 guests were gathered for a reception upon the 55th birthay of  Jan-Aage Torp. Aina Torp had invited on five days notice, and what a party we had!

Here was family, friends and pastor colleagues of all colors.

Aina herself sang Jan-Aage´s life motto song, "I would rather have Jesus", and even another love song, "Have I told you lately that I love you?" Aina emphasized Jan-Aage´s love, grace and faith. 

Aina´s mom Mailen held a speech about Jan-Aage´s positive faith. Cousin Else spoke about Jan-Aage´s devotion to Jesus even as a little boy, and she established that he hasn´t backed off, quite the contrary. Cousin Gerd spoke warmly about Jan-Aage.

A 55 Year Old at the PubConversing with pastor colleagues (photo: Tor H. Lanton)There were greetings, poems and gifts.

Among ministry colleagues were pastors Duke Ajieh, Joseph Anin, Michael Nyave, bishop Peter Majeed, Arne Rudshaugen, Bjørn Kristofersen, Arne Dag Johansen, Gerd & Arne Sørum and, not the least, missionaries Frank Fotland and Bjørn Simonsen.

Jan-Aage treasured especially the lp-record with "trash metal" music from his backslidden friend, Svein Oskar.

And he received the Norwegian Bible Society´s new Bible translation in the preachers version from Eugene & Marie.

Friends and associates colored the reception.

And quite a few of the pub guests dropped by to congratulate "their pastor" upon his birthday!

The overriding sense in all greetings was that Jan-Aage has a God-given faith, and that the best is yet ahead!

Photo: Tor H. Lanton
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