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Jan-Aage´s 50th Birthday!

June 27, 2007

Yesterday pastor Jan-Aage Torp was 50 years old! The day was celebrated well with an open reception at Den Gamle Banken Pub.

Jan-Aage´s 50th Birthday!Anders and Jon Einan with the birthday boy (photo: Tor H.Lanton)Jan-Aage´s 50th Birthday!Dr.Emanuel Minos called Jan-Aage his spiritual son (foto: Tor H. Lanton)More than 100 guests had found the way to the pub at Skippergata, where the reception was led by pastor Jan-Aage´s son Anders (19) and daughter Julie (21).

Anders Torp surprised his father and everybody with the following opening speech:

"Ladies and gentlemen – a heartfelt welcome to Jan-Aage Torp´s 50th birthday!

This is a great day of honor and setting a mark. Today, it is 50 years since a gift from God came into the world - sent from God to be a speaker of truth to the Nations.

Through one battle after the other, victory after victory  – God has brought you and your family through everything.

A revolutionary, Patrick Henry, said ”Give me freedom or give me death”. That is something that you, Jan-Aage, have dedicated your life to. You fought for freedom and you are not interested in anything less than total victory. 

The longing after seeing freedom in your own life, your family´s life, but also in other people, is the driving force in you.

You have declared war against lies and unrighteousness, and regardless of the cost - the victory that you are focused on, together with others, shall be conquered, and the battle that this entails, we will sweat, bleed and die for - together.

This evening is to praise God for what has happened, but most of all to look forward to all the new years that are facing us of battle and victory!

Congratulations so much with your 50th birthday, Jan-Aage".

The afternoon was in an atmosphere of freindly conversations, delicious cakes and snacks, and heartwarm greetings to Jan-Aage Torp.

Jan-Aage´s 50th Birthday!Member of Parliament Jan Simonsen and big sister Liv-Ellinor Torp (photo: Tor H. Lanton)Jon Einan, Jan-Aage´s close associate through 20 years, hailed Jan-Aage as his spiritual father, mentor, example, and friend.

In addition to the official opening speech of the birthday reception by Anders Torp, four of Jan-Aage´s other five kids were present (except his oldest son who wasn´t able to come), and several of them spoke affectionaly about him as their daddy, citing international travels together as among their fondest memories. 

Missionary Jan Smidsrød, Jan-Aage´s brother in law, held a warm congratulatory speech based on 27 years of close friendship. He spoke about his admiration for Jan-Aage as a man of integrity and honesty, and called him "my model".

Dr. Emanuel Minos (82), the grand-old-man of Scandinavian Pentecostalism, spoke of Jan-Aage as his spiritual son who has stood up for fundamental values, standing out in his generation.

Among the other speakers were Member of Parliament Jan Simonsen, editor Finn Jarle Sæle, and several pastors and Christian leaders.

The reception was led by Julie and Anders Torp (photo: Tor H. Lanton)
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