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Torp´s Breakup

April 06, 2009

Jan-Aage Torp has chosen to tell about the breakup of his marriage in an interview with Morten Selven of NKK Radio.

Torp´s BreakupHe tells candidly about the marriage breakup that hit his family on January 12th, 2008. 

-I am sad that the marriage broke, and I never wanted this to happen, says Torp.

-I will not criticize Ann-Christin, but this is totally her decision, and I need to relate to that, says Torp in the interview.

Torp still belives that marriage is meant for life. He hopes that his experience will help others who are in difficult circumstances in their marriages.

-All the time since the breakup 15 months ago, I have been careful to acknowledge that I have my share of the "blame". I have from day one of the breakup sought professional help for my own part.

Torp took a six month leave of absense from the pastoral ministry in Oslo from the time of the breakup, and has all the time been under the oversight of apostle John P. Kelly, who has known Ann-Christin and Jan-Aage in depth since 1999. They have both stayed in the home of John and Helena Kelly in Dallas, and John Kelly has visited them in Norway several times.

John P. Kelly has made the decision that Jan-Aage Torp shall continue in the ministry with his full trust.


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