Noteworthy/Julie and Dad to Africa

Julie and Dad to Africa

August 10, 2005

For two weeks, pastor Jan-Aage Torp and his daughter Julie (19) have had campaigns in Uganda and Rwanda. The days were filled with challenges and victories.

Julie and Dad to AfricaJan-Aage and JulieThe week in Kampala, Uganda was facilitated by pastor Jean Saflo in Oslo. The campaign was held in Kampala Healing Center, under pastor Steven Mugisha. There were revival meetings every evening where Jan-Aage and Saflo ministered, and Julie sang.

There were also productive meetings during the day with political leaders in Parliament and Government.

The week in Kigali, Rwanda was with Julie and Jan-Aage. Here, Restoration Church Julie and Dad to AfricaJulie´s singing opened the heartsunder apostle Yoshua Masasu and pastor Michel Rwakazina, were hosts. After three days of sightseeing and relationship building, Jan-Aage and Julie held a powerful seminar weekend in the megachurch.

In Kigali, Jan-Aage and Juiie participated one evening in the weekly prayer meeting of political leaders  in the home of the foreign minister.

-The relationship between Oslochurch and Africa was strengthened during these two weeks, and that will certainly continue, maintained Jan-Aage Torp.

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