Noteworthy/A Warcry in the Nation

A Warcry in the Nation

Prophetic encounter
Jan-Aage Torp
November 15, 2004

There was a dramatic setting around a mighty prophecy.... I'll never forget it. Sunday, May 2nd, 2004 at Hedmarktoppen....

A Warcry in the NationRachel HicksonThis particular Sunday morning in 2004 I went to Hedmarktoppen together with three of our kids.

I had heard that there was a national prayer leaders conference this weekend with Rachel Hickson as the keynote speaker. She had prophesied powerfully over me three years before, also at Hedmarktoppen. But we had since then had no contact.

We arrived at the meeting hall at 09 in the morning. The house was packed. At that moment Rachel Hickson walked past me, but she didn't recognize me and went straight to the pulpit.

I sat with my three youngsters and Jessie Engle in the middle of the hall.

Rachel preached powerfully.

All the wellknown national prayer leaders were there. Many of them who weren't in favor of me, to be quite honest...

Suddenly, Rachel stopped towards the end of her preaching.

She pointed her finger down in the pews. At me!

She said: "I am so drawn to this man. The Lord will say something important to you".

I felt embarassed. The eyes all over the hall were fixed at me.

She asked me to stand.

"You are a warcry in this nation, says the Lord. He has raised you up outside this nation. And He has developed and shaped you. As a warcry. Many don't understand you, because you are different. But the Lord has called you so that you might call to war in this nation. For the Lord can trust you. You are not afraid of going against the tide. You speak when others keep silent. The Lord will use you mightily in the days to come!"

Rachel prophesied much more.

She invited me and my young people to come forward for ministry.

Afterwards I went up to Rachel to introduce myself.

"Oh, so you are Jan-Aage Torp! Yes, now I understand that I have spoken against the High and Mighty!" Rachel exclaimed, her mouth filled with laughter.

Her male translator, who led the conference, looked shocked at her and said: "I thought you knew that he is Jan-Aage Torp".

"No, I knew nothing", said Rachel...

How unsearchable are His ways...

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