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Don´t receive Money from Whoever!

Jan-Aage Torp
September 27, 2014

God´s Church depends on money to accomplish her task in the world. But should we receive any kind of money? I say NO!

Don´t receive Money from Whoever!Through the years I have learned a great deal about money for God´s Kingdom and Church.

One thing I have learned is that it is more blessed to give than to receve. Churches that give, are blessed.

Another thing I have learned is that God´s Church and 5-fold gifts should be reserved about receiving money from wrong sources, especially because of the danger of coming in under control mechanisms and demonic manipulation. That´s why we are cautious about receiving money from public financing, clubs, and business. I´m not saying that it is wrong, but be reserved! Know that the "giver" desires to give with the intention to help and bless, and not with other motives!

The most important thing I have learned is however tithing: The Church, pastor and 5-fold gifts should be financed by the tithe, according to Malachi 3:6-10. This is a sound method that is manageable for individuals and families, and that builds fellowship and collaboration among members and Jesus´ disciples.

What about large, personal gifts to the Church?

Here I will also encourage a reserved and cautious approach. The widow in Zarephath (1Kings 17:7-17) is a strong testimony of faith and the power of sacrifice. This account has blessed and encouraged many to give extraordinary donations through church history. But ought this testimony be a norm for the many people who are involved in a church? Obviously not! The norm is tithing.

Through the years, works that I have led have received large donations, at times big amounts. Naturally this is a help in great and demanding challenges.

But I have increasingly refused to receive such gifts, to the surprise of the "donor" - and sometimes to their disappointment. It is important to know the donors situation, fruits, and attitudes - before receiving extraordinary gifts.

In 2002 we received a written "faith pledge" for å very large monetary gift. (I have kept all documentation.) The donor gave with great persuasion and seeming joy. But already after 8-10 months he turned, and presented grave accusations. Surprisingly, a couple of years after he left us, he wrote a humble letter and requested our forgiveness for the pain and difficulties he had created.  But three years after this, again he was in a similar conflict with another church that he also had given a large donation to, and he had suddenly demanded to get it all back - with strong words and threats. Fortunately, there are not many people like that. But because they suddenly emerge, we need to be reserved about receiving gfts from such people.

Some give large amounts so as to get gratitude and confirmaton of their own value, or to create dependency. Others give because they have a need to control a church or pastor. 

I still believe in extraordinary giving in addition to tithing. In biblical terms, this is called seed, sacrifice, firstfruits, and alms. When God speaks to an individual about giving such gifts, then much blessing comes out of it. At least when it is done with the right heart.

My counsel is: Stick to tithing as God´s financial plan for the Church!

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