Noteworthy/Prayer Mission in Budapest

Prayer Mission in Budapest

August 25, 1989

Pastor Jan-Aage Torp has been on a prayer mission in the Hungarian capital Budapest - together with his 2 sons, Steffen (8) and Petter (6), reports the Pentecostal weekly newspaper Korsets Seier.

Prayer Mission in BudapestFrom the Parliament in Budapest-God spoke to me when I attended the Lausanne II congress in Manila last month about going to Budapest to pray for Hungary in these times when the powers of communism are falling together. And when I suggested this to our sons, they were eagerly ready to go, tells the Strømmen-pastor.

-We stayed at Stadion Hotel on the Pest-side, and based in this hotel we had prayer walks all over the city for a whole week, both on the Danube, at the Parliament, and on "highways and byways". Steffen and Petter were passionate in prayer, reports pappa Jan-Aage enthusiastically..

-The highpoint was that we got to know the growing Faith Church on the Buda-side. The pastor is Sandor Nemeth, who is a former Catholic theologian who had an encounter with God some years ago. This church is connected to Derek Prince. I preached there on Saturday in their main worship service. They are more than 1500 people, and we will definitely continue to connect with them.

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