Noteworthy/«Setting the Gemstones in your Breastplate in Place»

«Setting the Gemstones in your Breastplate in Place»

May 27, 1992
«Setting the Gemstones in your Breastplate in Place»

The Swedish Salvation Army officer and Prophet Roger Larsson delivered a prophetic message to Jan-Aage Torp during his meetings at SeiersKirken (Victory Church) in Lillestrøm on April 22nd-26th.

Afterwards, on May 3rd, NRK Radio (Norwegian Broadcasting Company) followed up with a national debate on the use of prophecy, involving the catholic Father Claes Tande, lutheran Vicar Øystein Thelle, and Pastor Jan-Aage Torp.

The dramatic prophecy was delivered in the shape of a prophetic act. In the opening service on Wednesday, April 22nd, Roger Larsson saw the angel of the Lord come to Jan-Aage Torp to «lift off his breastplate» (worn by the High Priest of the Israelites), according to the report in the newspaper SeiersTro, which describes it in this way (see attached pdf):

«Setting the Gemstones in your Breastplate in Place»Ceramic replica of High Priest's breastplate

«The Lord´s word to Torp was that he should now remain still until Sunday morning, because then the Lord´s angel would set it back in place in a renewed version. On Sunday morning, it happened, at the end of the service: The Lord´s angel set it back in place, but now with seven gemstones. The Lord said that still five gemstones were missing from the twelve gemstones that the Lord would give. But Torp would not be allowed to set these in place himself. He had attempted to set in one of these gemstones himself, but too early, said the Lord through Roger Larsson. That is the Missions School that SeiersKirken had planned to start in the Fall (1992). Wait with that, said the Lord. First you must move into your own permanent facilities, and then the Missions School can open! And the Lord said that it would be a mghty tool for Norway and the nations, to equip an army in the endtimes. The seven gemstones that the Lord gave Torp were as follows: 

«Setting the Gemstones in your Breastplate in Place»Facsimile of the seven gemstones


1) honesty before God,

2) a pure heart,

3) authority in the church,

4) authority in the spiritual realm over SeiersKirken´s area,

5) mandate to move the church´s territory to the whole Oslo-region,

6) mandate to publish the newspaper SeiersTro as a tool for Norway,

7) new facilities.

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