Noteworthy/The Eagle is out of the Cage!

The Eagle is out of the Cage!

Jan-Aage Torp
June 26, 2013

In January 1998, the tall Jewish-American evangelist Dick Reuben was in Oslo for 12 days that shaped my life for good!

The Eagle is out of the Cage!He came with the fire of Holy Spirit revival from the historic Brownsville Revival in Pensacola, Florida. 3 Norwegian pastors hosted the 12 day meeting in Norway’s capital city, gathering 1500+ people every night in Ekeberghallen Sportshall and Filadelfia Church.
I was recruited as his translator, when all 3 of his appointed translators had fallen ill after the opening service. I was only supposed to fill in for 1-2 meetings, while the others recuperated. But in front of the 4000 people crowd that Sunday night, Big Dick declared authoritatively after 20 minutes into the preaching, pointing his smiling finger to my face: “From now on, you’re my interpreter!”
The meetings were mindblowing. Every day, hundreds sought the Lord’s face.

But for me, one event has meant more to me than any other memory from those days.

It was actually on Tuesday, January 6th, 1998, after the morning leadership gathering where Dick taught 400-500 ministers every day on revival principles. On the way to the sleeping quarters of Dick & Deanne Reuben, host pastors Ludvig Karlsen, Daniel Karlsen and Tom Aune, and members of my family, stopped at a restaurant to have lunch.

Suddenly, with no forewarning, Dick Reuben stopped our happy conversations, asked everyone to listen, and said with no lack of drama: “I dreamed last night about my brother”, he said as he fondly embraced me, tears rolling down his chin.

“I dreamed that Jan has been like an eagle in a cage, like in a prison, never being allowed to soar. But the Lord has heard your cry. I want to help you reach your destiny, Jan” he declared before the baffled host pastors, as a member of my family translated for him into Norwegian.

Much can be said about the following 10 years. Not until Bishop Bill Hamon prophesied publicly over me on Friday, December 7th, 2007 at the annual meeting of International Coalition of Apostles (ICA) in Dallas (listen to the audio link below), did decisive things start to change.

A long wait…. A long battle….

But it was worth it!

Aina & I are happily pursuing the things of God together.

The eagle is out of the cage….

Today is also my birthday!

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