Noteworthy/Called to a Life Mission

Called to a Life Mission

December 30, 1975

December 30th, 1975 became a decisive turning-point in Jan-Aage Torp´s life. It happened in the thick of Europe - in Lausanne, Switzerland!

Called to a Life MissionJan-Aage Torp as a very young man-I was a translator at the MISSION -76 conference with 4000 young people from all over Europe, Jan-Aage recalls. -Michael Griffiths, the Brit who at that time was the leader of Overseas Missionary Fellowship (OMF), was the keynote Bible expositor. His topic was the Church. I remember how I was shaken both emotionally and in my will power by the forceful and convincing revelation from the Word of God. I saw clearly how God has ordained the Church to be His local and universal vehicle of ministry. 

Called to a Life MissionMichael Griffiths-The definitive breakthrough came during a meeting on December 30th, 1975. Actually, I could barely do my job as a translator! I do not think the Scandinavian delegation could follow very easily the translation through their head phones. Some times I almost faded away, and sometimes I was yelling.... The Lord was ministering powerfully to my innermost being.

Jan-Aage continues: -The specific calling was to be an apostle. At that time I had no idea that the apostolic is a controversial area of ministry, but thanks to wise parents I did not tell this to anyone back in Oslo. However, the desire to build many life-changing churches all over Europe had started to burn within me. There were not many good examples of this in Europe, but the revelation I had received in Lausanne through the great evangelical theologian and missiologist Michael Griffiths, had put its decisive stamp on my life, Jan-Aage says with a smile.

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