Noteworthy/Cindy and Jan-Aage on Prophetic Assignment

Cindy and Jan-Aage on Prophetic Assignment

November 08, 2001

This week Jan-Aage Torp has been on a prophetic assignment in Washington DC, "ordered" by Cindy Jacobs.

Cindy and Jan-Aage on Prophetic AssignmentIt was during the Gideon´s Army-conference in Hannover five weeks ago that Cindy Jacobs gathered 12 international apostles and prophets to a lunch meeting with one agenda: To break the negative effect on Israel of the Oslo Accords.

Cindy declared in Hannover that since the Oslo Accords were negotiated in Oslo, and initiated by Norwegians, it must be broken by a Norwegian who has prophetic-apostolic authority. "You are the man!" declared Cindy Jacobs to a laughing Jan-Aage Torp in Hannover.

-I had never done anything like this before, says Jan-Aage. -I asked her what I should do in practical terms. Cindy answered with a smile:  "Ask God yourself!"

-I entered into two days of prayer and fasting, and understood that the assignment had to be completed within the first week of November. -On Friday I gathered 12 Norwegian intercessors in my office at Keisersgate. There I taught them about "identificational repentance", and about the significance of fighting for God´s chosen people, the Jews. All 12 of us agreed that the Oslo Accords were destructive for Israel which is being forced to give up "land for peace", and subsequently to give up parts of  Jerusalem. We repented on behalf ot our nation. A powerful evening, maintains Jan-Aage. 

-Afterwards we took up an offering to cover the air ticket and hotel for me in Washington DC, and on Tuesday morning I was there. On Tuesday evening I met with 12 Christians in Washington DC, and we attached ourselves to what we had accomplished in Norway on Friday. On Wednesday morning we gathered outside the White House where we broke the curses of the Oslo Accords, and we sealed this holy act by partaking in communion together. It was a fantastic experience, says Jan-Aage Torp.

On Thursday morning Jan-Aage was back in Oslo to receive Victor Lorenzo. Things happen fast in these apostolic times!

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