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We would like to introduce you our new NGO called "The Ocean Robotics Project" or internally "Poseidon" . The heart of the NGO is a robotics unit, which focuses on AI driven underwater drones, robots and wing gliders with hydrogen engines. We, that are some entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, volunteers and in general people, who love nature and who want to protect it.

Our web-page is www.TheOceanRoboticsProject.com 

Like many of you, we have been working in business for a long time and helping companies to grow. At the same time, we saw nature being exploited, rainforests being cleared and the oceans literally drowning in rubbish. Like many of you, we trusted politicians to take countermeasures. But that was a fallacy. After Glasgow we watched the outcome of Sharm El Sheikh - which was again almost zero. Tens of thousands of participants for nothing except a lot of costs. This is a shame.

We do not need any more conferences and discussions about what we already know - we have to act now!

This project is not about another robotics company. It is also not about a further, punctiform attempt to get some tons of plastic out of the oceans or from the beaches. It is about a global, large-scale project to ban non-recycable plastic, prevent it from getting into the oceans and finally to clean the oceans from any kind of waste - by using nowadays available technologies like robotics, AI, satellite navigation and of course the help of thousands of local people mainly in Africa, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, who can earn another income by pricing plastic waste. And last but not least by mobilizing thousands of people around the world with social media and new DAO blockchains.

Next two years, we are looking for a lot of new people either for our NGO, our Robotics Unit or our new Web3 company, e.g.

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